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Welcome to the Centre of Applied Innovation at Melbourne Polytechnic

Constantly engaged in applied, analog and digital experiential learning and critique of the economic, ecosystem and social implications of innovation.

Capital Markets & Value

Measuring Innovation α®

in global markets for investors.


for return on investment for expenditures in R&D and procurement.

Due diligence

for public and private investment in enterprise.

Education & Experience

Global Innovation Challenges

deploying the Global Innovation Commons

Apprenticeships and Education

applied Innovation Apprenticeships and Executive Education.

Upskilling life-long learners

to discern highest and best use of innovation.

Industry & Enterprise

Technology and Vendor Qualification

to confirm state-of-the-art research and procurement.

Applied Innovation Engineering

for Industry and Obsolescence Management.

Commons-based Collaboration

apprenticeships and experience in Open and Commons-based collaboration.

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Centre of Applied Innovation
Building S, Melbourne Polytechnic Fairfield Campus
Yarra Bend Rd, Fairfield VIC 3078