Global Innovation Challenge

Victorian Global Innovation Challenge logoThe Victorian Global Innovation Challenge is a Centre run program that brings the world of global innovation to high school student projects.

Victoria has the first generation of students in Australia who have, at their fingertips, the ideas, the designs and the ability to connect with all of the public innovators of the world. As part of Victoria's first Global Innovation Challenge competition, students are working with the Centre of Applied Innovation and its global partner M·CAM to build world-class solutions to the challenges they care about. Their challenge is to bring their ideas, enthusiasm and ability to work as a team to create projects that make our world a better place.

>>"identifying participant passions & engagement, linking learning to global innovation resources, and evidencing the deployment at scale"<<

The Centre of Applied Innovation are delighted to be running very first pilot of the Global Innovation Challenge in Australia. Dr William Ritter and Publisher E.W. Scripps modernized science education in the United States after World War I, they recognized that science competitions in schools would incentivize a generation to contribute to building society and the economy. Nearly 100 years later, the Centre of Applied Innovation is transforming their concept of the Society for Science and its scholastic “Science Fairs” into its Global Innovation Challenge program. The Global Innovation Challenge and Global Innovation Commons are licensed from M·CAM Global Holdings LLC and are made available with the generous support of Dr. David E. Martin. In the Global Innovation Challenge, students and their mentors and instructors are given unprecedented access to over $2 trillion of global innovation and engineering disclosures from governments and industries around the world to apply to student-defined challenges. With over 88 million disclosures of the innovation from across the globe – including all the design specifications, instructions on engineering and components, and commercial activities around every technology – students and their mentors can apply science, engineering and design learning to real world, relevant issues relevant to them. Linking their classroom learning to the world that impacts them, the Global Innovation Challenge program takes students through a journey including:

- Deep awareness of materials, energy, and their application;
- Examination of contexts in which innovation can emerge and be deployed;
- Access to global industry and research experts to assist in design and implementation;
- Linkage to financial and technological resources that enable the scaling of ideas;
- Just-in-time synthesis of tools and materials to prototype and fabricate technology; and,
- Develop an identity around collaborative solution-oriented thinking and acting.
Initial Challenge Presentation at The Lakes South Morang P-9
The Centre of Applied Innovation’s program begins with an assembly, workshop, or lecture with individuals who have been at the vanguard of innovation in industry for decades to expose students to the world of applied innovation. Then, students and their mentors are engaged to identify projects that have current relevance to their lives or the lives of others.

Students from six schools around Melbourne’s North began the challenge in June. In total, there are 187 students in 32 groups participating in the Challenge. Having worked on their projects for almost four months with mentorship from the Centre of Applied Innovation staff as well as visiting Innovation Engineers from M·CAM, the students’ projects are well formed and we are approaching the conclusion of the Challenge for 2017. The conclusion of the Challenge will happen in two stages – the in-school judging events, in early November, followed by the Grand Final on December 4 please click here to register for the final. For the in-school judging, each participating school will host a judging day or evening, where students will present their projects in an open-forum style event. Each group will have a booth or space to present their work however they please, and the judges, school community and general public will be able to roam about the space and interact with the students. The judges will select the best group from each school on the day to progress to the Grand Final. These groups have approximately a month from the day of in-school judging to continue working on their project and to incorporate the judges’ feedback. The Grand Final will be held at 6:00pm on the 4th of December at The Centre, Ivanhoe. Special guests, schools, parents, the media and the general public are all invited to come and see the best projects from the 2017 Challenge. It will be similar in style to the in-school judging, followed by an awards ceremony where the winner will be announced. We would love to see you there. If you are interested in early media viewing opportunities for the Grand Final, please contact us.

See some of our current and previous individual Global Innovation Challenges here: (link on picture)

1. Parade College VGIC 2017
2. Eltham College VGIC 2017
3. Ivanhoe Girls' VGIC 2017
4. Egyptian Minefield Clearing Drone - Egyptian school students combining open source UAV, ground penetrating radar, and acoustic mine disposal technologies into a safe tool for the safe, controlled demolition of mines.
5. Arkhangai Greenhouse of Glass - Extending the growing season in Mongolia using the locally abundant resources (opens as PDF)

Parade College Eltham College
Ivanhoe Girls' Anti-landmine drone Arkhangai Greenhouse of Glass